About CRDebug

CRDebug is a program that allows for variety of runtime data to be captured from high-performance applications such as games and stored for analysis at a later stage. For example, to resolve collision detection/physics related issues, one could store values of all player movement related variables (velocity, position, state, etc.) for each frame and analyze them later on using various visualization plugins CRDebug provides. Solving problems like this using a normal run-time debugger is usually very difficult, if not impossible.

CRDebug is written in C# language against .NET Framework 1.0, resulting in more stable-running and clean codebase. CRDebug should run on any platform that supports .NET Framework, but it's primarily targeted for Windows developers.

A central concept (aside from CRDebug main program) is so called 'Connector' library, which needs to be linked with the application being debugged. Task of this library is to accept data for submission from the application and communicate it with CRDebug over TCP/IP using our proprietary CRDebug protocol. Each programming language and operating system combination needs it's own Connector library implementation. For example, for use with Windows applications written in C/C++, we have written a DLL (CRDLib) which uses WinSock 2 to establish the transmission channel.

We intend to provide Connector libraries for other programming languages and OSes as well.


System Requirements

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